Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cleaner I Tap Cleaner I Sink Cleaner I Bathroom Cleaner I Shower Cleaner I Utensil Cleaner I Stain Cleaner I Hard Water Marks Cleaner ( 500 Ml Spray )

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Prechem Stainless Steel Cleaner

* Make In India 500ml Steel Cleaner & Shiner.

* Removes Lime Scale, Stains & Rust Spots from Tap, Shower or Any Other Stainless Steel Parts!

Steel Cleaner & Shiner

* Multipurpose Shiner.

* Can Be Used to Clean And Shine Below,

- Steel Railings

- Stainless Steel Bathroom Fittings

- Kitchen Steel Utensils

- Steel Sinks

- Bike / Bicycle Steel Parts.

Multipurpose Cleaner

Steel Shower & Tap Cleaner

Steel Kitchen Sink Cleaner

Steel Railing Cleaner

SS Chimney Cleaner

Auto Steel Parts Shiner

SS Cookware Cleaner

 How to Use?

- Shake Well Before Use.

- Spray on Parts to be Cleaned.

- Gently Rub with Scrubber ( Included in box )

- After Rubbing for Few Minutes, Wash with Clean Water!

- Bingo! Your Product has Original Shine Back!